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Hell's Angels

"Hell's Angels"
photo by Anne Hämäläinen

"For a festival that acknowledges that there are no such things as 'silent' movies or 'iconic' music, it seems entirely appropriate that Avanto's last collective enterprise was Film Without Film, a selection of acts, gestures and conceptual asides in which the mechanics of audiovisual reproduction were turned on their head. Walter Ruttmann's classic 1930 radio collage for voices and sound effects, 'Weekend', was consequently given added gravitas by being played back at full volume in a darkened auditorium. British filmmaker Ian Helliwell's film-less contribution, 'May 2nd, 3.30 am', comprising an actual recording made outside a noisy and abusive neighbour's door under extremely trying circumstances, evoked both laughter and sympathy from the audience."
Ken Hollings, The Wire issue 251, January 2005