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Aprox. aka Human Chocolate
photo by Marko Hämäläinen

"Thursday night's final performer, a one-man show called Aprox (Finland?), was a fearsome and astonishing apparition. The big mask-wearing guy was the festival's very own GG Allin, who would give a hefty kick in the face for anyone trying to photograph him from up close! He didn't, however, perform in the nude as GG would have done. A threat of violence was nevertheless in the air as Aprox screamed 'fuck you' time after time between his aggressive songs, like a kid who had just learned a new expletive. His music was enlivened by a performance dealing with the seven deadly sins displayed simultaneously on the screen. In spite of his amusing stage antics Aprox - who remains incognito - earned good scores in the style department."
Jouko Lehtinen, Tuhma.fi