Humour does not need to be funny

Avanto’s Young Artist Of The Year is Aprox., who prefers to keep his real name a secret and use the alias Human Chocolate. On stage, the 21-year-old musician covers his face with a plastic mask: “The mask alienates and prevents interaction, and I won’t take it off even after the performances. My role is that of a provocateur. The embodiment of the Finnish culture of frustration. I find Finnish electronic music boring, as it doesn’t make good use of the Finnish cultural heritage, the gloominess and frustration that erupts as one hell of an aggressive stance.”

On the surface, Aprox.’s music resembles the hyperactive breakcore of Kid 606 or Venetian Snares, with the surprise elements of vocal histrionics, a stage presence bordering on the absurd, and fits of rage that reflect an unspecified male anguish. “Humour doesn’t have to be funny, that’s an idea I like. You can use it to deal with serious issues in music. First and foremost, music means therapy for me.” Incorporated in his Avanto performance is a video projection by Käenpoika, with a theme of no less than the seven deadly sins.


Aprox. at the Avanto Nightclub in Mocambo on Thursday, November 18th.




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