© Laura Tättilä 20/23
“The poetic visions of Pekka Airaksinen & Es were crafted from concentrated masses of sound, vinyl manipulations and fragile samples culled from a glass mobile revolving on top of a turntable” - Hufvudstadsbladet; “The unrehearsed performance was beautiful and wild like the film shown as a backdrop, depicting bald branches of a tree against an orange sky. I can’t help it, but I have to speak about the eternal battle (not being able to tell between what forces it was being fought and what was its cause) – not between youth and old age, not beauty and ugliness, not tenderness and harshness, because these forces found a resting place in the strife of both men. Or rather, and you’ll have to forgive me my muddled thought, it was the sparks emitting from this clash that lit up the sky.” - Rumba
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