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Kurt Kren

a still from Kurt Kren's film "10/65 Selbverstümmelung (Materialaktion Günter Brus)"

"In terms of film alone, a swathe of old and new experimental work was programmed, from Warhol's 'Sleep' (1963) -- most of Sunday afternoon -- to retrospectives of work by London Film-Makers' Co-op veteran Malcolm Le Grice, Cécile Fontaine from France, and the Austrian Structuralists (and destructionists) Kurt Kren and Ernst Schmidt Jr. These films, as well as numerous compilations of new shorts from Finland and elsewhere, were screened in cinemas rather than gallery settings and thrived on the attention they received in that context, drawing large audiences who stayed throughout film cycles that would have been much less powerful as installations."
Jerome Boyd-Maunsell, Frieze, issue 89, March 2005