Avanto Festival

AVANTOSCOPE 2006 (Gloria)

Kerry Laitala: Torchlight Tango (USA, 2005, 20’)
A lengthy examination of the painstaking art of personal direct animation – homemade, idiosyncratic, with a touch of burlesque and Laitala’s passion for the history and process of filmmaking.

Lia: VS-Process (Austria, 2005, 5’15’’)
A development of audio-visual raw material by graphics programmer Lia and further processed by her collaborator Bizz Circuits.

Carlo Cagnasso: Cantus (Italy, 2005, 5’45’’)
Cagnasso’s personal sketch book of ideas, images, words, observations and events, translated into an animated collage and accompanied by music from Steve Reich’s Different Trains.

Johannes Hammel: Abendmahl (Austria, 2005, 9’30’’)
Slowed down home movie footage from the 1960s is subjected to chemical treatments and gradually disintegrates to form miniature abstract paintings.

Barbara Doser & Kurt Hofstetter: Order-re-Order (Austria, 2006, 6’45’’)
Video feedback-generated light cells were agitated through re-filming of the video monitor while the image was manipulated. The soundtrack features two passages of the same sound running in parallel forwards and backwards.

Barbara Doser & Kurt Hofstetter: Order-re-Order (2006)

Achilleas Gatsopoulos: Der Puppengeiger (Greece, 2005, 4’40’’)
This film draws on a local myth from the island of Naxos, Greece, and the aesthetic of silent German expressionist cinema.

Sonia Nelubina: Betweentime (Russia, 2005, 5’)
A looping electronic soundtrack forms the backdrop for this moody, backwards running, hand-held super-8 footage of a solemn girl.

Sonia Nelubina: Between Time (2005)

Mark Boswell: The St. Petersburg Paradox (USA, 2006, 8’)
The title refers to a long- shot coin flipping gambling game of chance invented in Russia. The film draws on archival images from the two St. Petersburgs (Russia and Florida) as well as images shot in both cities by the filmmaker.

Christina von Greve & C-Schulz: Flicker (Germany, 2006, 10’)
Restless, pulsating images in silhouette are matched by a rhythmically repeating minimalist score.

Christina von Greve & C-Schulz: Flicker (2006)

Avanto club in Gloria on Saturday, 18 November, 9 pm to 3 am.