Avanto - Helsinki Media Art Festival 2001. 6-11.11.2001

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Samuli Alapuranen: Silmukka (FIN, 2002, 3 min)
Ian Helliwell: Headache (GB, 2002, 1 min)
Ian Helliwell: Orbiting The Atom (GB, 2002, 5 min)
Myriam Bessette: Alizé (CAN, 2002, 3 min)
Torsten Lauschmann: Remember Things Before They Happen (SCO 2001, 10 min)
Liisa Lounila: Flirt (FIN, 2002, 3 min)
Duncan Campbell, Mary Hill: Quartet (SCO, 2002, 4 min)
Michaela Grill / Billy Roisz : My Kingdom for A Lullaby #4 (AUT, 2002, 12 min)
Karø Goldt: Mir Mig Men (AUT, 2002, 5 min)
(Dis)Information: National Grid (GB, 2001, 5 min)
Naomi Uman: Hand-Eye Coordination (USA, 2001, 10 min)
Elida Schogt: Silent Song (CAN, 2002, 6 min)

What is art? What is cinema? What is life? These and many other fundamental questions occupying the mind of the modern man will be dealt with by the selection of short films called Avantoscope, presenting some of the most exciting trends in contemporary avant-garde cinema. The night will offer a veritable feast of far-out abstractions, massive collages, Incredibly Strange Music – and yes, even narratives. The eclectic repertoire ranges all the way from Torsten Lauschmann’s absurd urban symphony to Naomi Uman’s monumental animation. The pièce de résistance for every film freak would arguably be Quartet, the ‘psycho-geographical’ masterpiece by Duncan Campbell and Mary Hill.

Saturday 23.11.2002 - Kiasma Theatre
16:00 - Avantoscope

National Grid