Revolution action!

Alec Empire and Philipp Virus (also known as Philipp Reichenheim) are the duo behind the magnificent promotional videos of Digital Hardcore Recordings. Atari Teenage Riot’s reckless video clips are based on simple slogans and a chaotic stage presence. Empire, Carl Crack, Hanin Elias and Nic Endo perform in them as futuristic comic-book superheroes fighting against the forces of injustice: Deutschland Has Gotta Die! Destroy 2000 Years of Culture!

Solo videos by individual members of the band, however, reveal gentler, more delicate shades: meditative atmospheres at an arctic observation station (Empire), spider walk along a wall of a skyscraper (Elias) and sound lab hysteria (Endo).

Atari Teenage Riot
Revolution Action Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall
Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
ATR Live at Berlin May 1st Riots 1999
(directed by Virus/Harris/E-don)
Deutschland Has Gotta Die!
Too Dead For Me
(dir. by John Hillcoat)
EC8OR Cocaine Ducks
Atari Teenage Riot Sick To Death
Hanin Elias In Flames
Alec Empire Low on Ice
Atari Teenage Riot Revolution Action (directed by Andres Giacobbe)
Nic Endo White Heat
Atari Teenage Riot
Kids Are United!
Hanin Elias Under Pressure
Nic Endo Men Eater (directed by Thomas E-don)
Nintendo Teenage Robots
We Punk Einheit!
Alec Empire
Addicted To You (directed by John Hillcoat)
All videos are directed by Phillipp Virus and Alec Empire (unless indicated otherwise)
Duration: 58 minutes.

Revolution Action! in the Kiasma Theater on Saturday, 20th November at 14.00.

In addition, two angst-ridden short movies by Philipp Virus with soundtracks by Alec Empire will be screened at the Avanto Nightclub in Gloria:
Civilization Virus (11’13’’)
The Report (7’15’’)

The Avanto Nightclub in Gloria on Saturday, November 20th.

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