Avanto 2000

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What the press said:

Peter Shapiro in The Wire (.doc)
Erkki Pirtola in Aktivist (.doc in Finnish)
Juuso Paaso in Rumba (.doc in Finnish)

What it looked like:

"Merzbow sat perfectly still, unwavering as the world (and a hyperactive dry ice machine) burned around him"

Kaffe Matthews entranced the audience who gathered around her

Seppo Renvall in high spirits at the premiere of his Film1999

Festive crowd at the sold-out premiere of Film1999

More festive crowd at the premiere of Film1999

"The three stern noise judges": Fennesz - Rehberg - Vainio in Gloria

Fennesz at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Ian Helliwell in a pseudo-Socialist Realist setting

Jim McKee and Wieslaw Pogorzelski playing in Ilppo Pohjola's multimedia spectacle Routemaster

Scanner and an improvised live video projection

Pan sonic moments before the end of their sold-out concert

Op:l Bastards rocked like mad scientists while slides of sausages having sex were projected on the video screen

Es backstage

Ovuca backstage

DJ Alexei Borisov and his noise CD-R's

STROM.ec: "miked-oildrum squelchscapes"

Pink Twins: "decomposing electronics"

Hiaz from Skot and Hecker at the informal afterparty in the cellar of the Academy of Arts

Heavy knitting during Hiaz&Hecker's set at the afterparty

Photos by Antti Hietaniemi (Kaffe Matthews, Fennesz-Rehberg-Vainio, Op:l Bastards, Ovuca, STROM.ec, Pink Twins, Hiaz and Hecker), Anne Hmlinen (Merzbow, Routemaster, Scanner, Pan sonic, Es), Mika Taanila (Film1999, Ian Helliwell, Alexei Borisov) and Martti Jms (Fennesz).