Avanto - Helsinki Media Art Festival 2001. 6-11.11.2001

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Avanto Club 2: Gloria


A multi-faceted artist, Russell Haswell creates brutally physical soundscapes that alternate between hard noise and quieter low-end frequencies.

Formed by Hild Sofie Tafjord and Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje of Norway, Fe-mail’s playful noise music is totally improvised with analogue electronics and acoustic instruments such as pan flutes and an accordion.

Our expatriates in Barcelona, Pan sonic, return home for their first live show in Finland since the first Avanto Helsinki Media Art Festival in 2000, filling the Gloria venue with their floating atmospherics and hypnotic beats’n’bleeps.

Built in 1968 by Erkki Kurenniemi, the Electric Quartet is a collective instrument for four players. Save for the Kurenniemi tribute night on Thursday, it has not been played live since 1970. Now, the original line-up of M.A. Numminen, Peter Widén, Arto Koskinen, and Tomi Parko return with a performance of the one original composition, Kaukana väijyy ystäviä – där borta lurar några vänner (“There Are Friends Lurking in the Distance”). In the late 60’s, Numminen took the Electric Quartet to a youth festival in Bulgaria, causing hundreds of people to leave mid-performance. He still considers this as one of the highlights of his artistic career.

DJ O Samuli A will also be playing slow-fi electronica and Mr Turntable Washington will present a shameless Philip Jeck rip-off.

Saturday 23.11.2002 - Gloria
21:00-03:00 - Avanto Club 2

Russell Haswell
Pan Sonic
Listen to Fe-mail
O Samuli A