Avanto - Helsinki Media Art Festival 2001. 6-11.11.2001

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People Like Us / Semiconductor


Great Britain produces some of the most stylish, uplifting, and entertaining experimental music and film today. Increasingly, the same digital technology is being used to prepare both sound and images, even simultaneously. The artists affiliating themselves to this new movement of ‘artificial expressionism’ aim to break down some of the barriers between aural and visual experiences. This Kiasma showcase features two of the genre’s top acts.

People Like Us present their new digital collage, in which sound and visuals mesh seamlessly. For a decade now, the group has been combining kitsch, pop trivia, and British humour to an extravagant effect. In Vicky Bennett’s manipulative hands even ordinary radio conversations mutate into something absurd and burlesque.

Brighton-based Semiconductor construct animations that interpret the world through urban architecture and abstract landscapes. Consisting of graphic designers Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt, the duo present images as sound, and sound as images, calling this unique fusion ‘Sound Film’. At the Avanto Helsinki Media Art Festival, Semiconductor will perform soundtracks to their new animations live. In Inaudible Cities: Part 1 the sounds of an impending electrical storm transform into a metropolis. Strata presents a 3-D interactive journey, building both abstract and representational landscapes onto the screen.

Semiconductor has released a unique DVD containing films from Semiconductor, People Like Us, Ian Helliwell, and others. Hi-Fi Rise, Sonic cities form another timeline is one of the most innovative independently released DVDs. It is available online through Semiconductor’s website.

Friday 22.11.2002 - Kiasma Theatre
20:00 - People Like Us / Semiconductor

People Like Us